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The journey began one Summer day while cleaning for our daughter's birthday party.  My husband always does the bulk of the chemical cleaning, especially on this occasion as I was pregnant.  He was constantly sneezing and complained of a headache while cleaning, and said this always happens when he cleans.  He always attributed it to allergies from stirring up dust while cleaning. I found this odd because we are admitted neat freaks and never let the house get too dusty.  On this occasion he also complained that his hands were stinging. This is when I became concerned.  I took a look at the everyday antibacterial spray he was using and the first words on the warning label were HAZARDOUS TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS.

I nearly fell over. For years we spent our time, energy, and money trying to keep a clean and safe environment for our family.  I felt betrayed; why do I have to clean after using cleaning products?  It was at that point I knew I had to act.  I quickly went to work and educated myself.  I was appalled about what I learned regarding the everyday products we were using.  I thought there has to be a better way, and there is!

I spent countless hours researching green natural non toxic cleaning products.  My first fear was if green products would actually clean.  The answer is yes!  Like all cleaning products some worked well and some didn't work at all.  The products that worked did just as well if not better than my old cleaning products.  In my husband's case, there is no more sneezing and headaches while cleaning.  There has never been another instance of a stinging sensation in his hands.  I can now breathe easily (literally) knowing I am armed with the knowledge and cleaning supplies to provide the best environment for our family.

I quickly learned through talking with friends and family that they were in the dark too.  It was at that point that The Green Home Cleaners was born.  I want to provide an opportunity for everyone to live in a healthy, clean environment.  You work hard for your family, and may not have the time to research every product and cleaning technique.  Don't worry we've done it all for you.  You can breathe easy too and know we've got you covered.

We use only safe, natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products in your home.  All our products are MADE IN THE USA, GMO FREE, CRUELTY FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE, SULFATE FREE AND PETROLEUM FREE.  We use microfiber cloths to not only give you the cleanest surface but to eliminate paper waste.  We use biodegradable, eco-friendly trash bags during clean up.  We don't just talk the talk, every product we use in your home I use in my very own.  Our cleaners are trained and courteous.  We treat your home like we would ours.

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